Saturday, June 27, 2009

To Work Or Not To Work....for yourself that is....

Need to make some kind of decision about it soon. Scared because I am not sure if it would be the wrong decision or if I am juss giving up too soon or is it some type of sign....I dunno, but all I know is that I am tired of going thru this over and over and each time has only gotten worst. Gotta do it for myself now is what I really wanna do but its risky at the same time.

Work is work you know and there will always be some kind of issue with something or someone (they don't call it work for nothing) But have you ever reached a point in your life where your just so tired of working for someone else?? And you bust your butt all the way for them but then one mistake you make sends you to the land of ALL the idiots??

Especially when in your interview they clearly asked if you have the experience and you clearly state no and they hire you and without training expect you to have some kind of degree on what you said you had no experience on??

I want to really go into business for myself. I feel that I could be a great Manager and leader. It's scary though because I never been in business for myself but you never know until you try it right? I would so much rather fail and get back up for myself than for someone else.

So yeah, seems like I reached that point where I dealt with it all...disrespectful co workers, micromanaging bosses, unfair business practices, unsatisfied supervisors, and all of those who take others ideas as their own...whoa so yeah

Business world here I come only this time I am not working for you....

Friday, June 12, 2009

What a Blessing Today has Been!

What a blessing you have given me this week Lord! First I get a 100% perfectly great mattress, then my Mom moves back home reuniting the fams, then I go to Rhode Island and purchase a van worth $2900 and negotiated down to $1500 and after purchasing the van I get a call from the Law office I interviewed with and was offered the position!!!! The Lord is GREAT! I put my faith and trust in you Lord and you always deliver :)

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