Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...The Bucketlist...

1. Plant a tree
2. Take a hot air balloon ride
3. Go para sailing
4. Sky dive
5. Start my own business
6. Weigh 130 pounds and maintain it!
7. Record an album
8. Laser hair removal
9. Breast reduction
10. Better relationship with Mom
11. Have a baby
12. Buy a house
13. Visit, DR, Italy, Paris, Fiji
14. Lasik surgery
15. Grab all the girls in my life to get together for a weekend retreat
16. Make my own perfume
17. Invent something that everyone can't live without!
18. Try out for American Idol
19. Preach in church
20. Have my very own makeup/dressing room (hurry up baby!) lol

More to come...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

....First entry of 2010....

So it's been TOO long! So much has changed. I will be putting a pause on the beauty stuff. I am going through a lot personally right now but I am thankful for all the lessons learned that God is allowing me to go through. I have found a loving, fulfilling and ever personal relationship with God that has me thinking differently about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and I love it.

This blog will take on a more personal direction I guess - maybe. However, beauty etc. is always an interest of course.

I will be trying my best to update as much as I can. Kinda hard as I don't have internet at home but at work I do so maybe during my breaks.

Miss you guys A LOT and boy do I have some reading/catching up to do!

Stay Positive ♥

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hello bloggers!

It has been a CRAZY ride since I last updated. I have been so busy preparing for my VERY FIRST WEDDING!!!!! 11/28/09 which is around the corner! Things will definitely die down after and I will be updating much more. Sorry for the hiatus :(

Mr. & Mrs. Franco to be.....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's been so long....

I missed you guys!

It's been so long since I last updated but I have been super busy interviewing and applying for work. Some things look promising so crossing fingers at this point! The babe landed a new job opportunity - yesterday was his first day and it felt so weird not having him around :( but I am glad he had a great first day of work.

I, however have been thinking about some new things to bring to my blog on a weekly basis aside from the "A New Me" journey I am taking. I been jotting down some ideas that I think would be great n sharing. I will def let you guys in on what that is all about :)

I will be back soon...I PROMISE and I apologize on my HIATUS.

On another note, have you smelled this thing?????

And yes that is the lovely Miss Scarlet Johanson (might of misspelled her name) I need to have it like NOW! LOL I first found out about it from my Cosmopolitan mag (September issue) Fell in love the minute I took a whiff - this is sooooooo my new fall scent!!!!

Until then - stay beautiful!
Lady Breezy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

...It's a COMBO world for me...

So when I woke up this morning my skin felt pretty comfortable. Not tight at all or flaky. However, I did notice that to the touch some areas were oily - especially the t-zone area. I normally sleep with an eye mask on but I didn't just to make sure I didn't overproduce oils or

So after analyzing my skin and how it felt and looked in the morning, I have come to the conclusion that I have combination skin.

Combination skin is when the skin feels comfy but its oily (especially in the t-zone area shown below) which is the forehead, nose and chin while the cheeks tend to be more dry. Knowing this will now make it easier to choose products for my face that will work just for me from cleansers to makeup etc.

However, this isn't the last stop for healthy skin. The use of cleansers and certain products should not be the only way to maintain or get better skin. Diet, exercise and enough sleep are factors as well. Check out this amazing article I found online while googling on how to take care of your skin from the inside out! I thought this article was quite informtive - let me know what you thought!

Taking care of your skin is important not just for your good looks, but also for your health. Caring for your complexion means less risk of skin cancer and other skin related diseases. Healthy skin is about more than just using healthy skin cream and cosmetic products. You also have to take care of your skin from the inside, which means picking out healthy food for you skin. Your diet, whether you know it or not, affects your complexion in ways that definitely show. Here are ten different foods that will give you healthy and beautiful skin.

The Good Fat

Essential fatty acids keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. They can be found in oily fish as well as in seeds and nuts. Fatty acids are said to diminish the effects of skin conditions like eczema. They also reduce inflammation and prevent DNA damage.


Your skin needs moisture! Nutritionists across the board recommend 6 to 8 glasses of water each day, throughout the day to keep your skin (and your body) healthy. However, avoid too much caffeine or soda. Alcohol is also a no-no, as it actually dehydrates you. Also, don’t drink too much water before going to bed, as this will result in morning puffiness.


Antioxidants fight premature aging and diseases that cause damage to your skin. You can get your antioxidants from blueberries, black grapes, cherries, papaya, and tomatoes among other foods.


The bioflavonoids and vitamin C in citrus fruits helps keep your skin firm and young by supporting your skin’s collagen.


Iron-deficiency can cause anemia, which manifests in sickly pale complexions and dark circles under the eyes. So make sure to get your healthy dose of red meat, seafood, eggs or high-iron vegetables like spinach.

Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are many. It has tons of antioxidants, protects against UV ray damage and contains polyphenols, which help fight off aging. Incorporating green tea into your daily diet is a definite must. Seep tea for no more than 2 ½ to 3 minutes.

Cereals and Wheat

Cereals and whole grains, as well as mushrooms, molasses and wheat germs all contain a good amount of selenium, a chemical that, along with vitamin E, helps keep your immune system healthy and fight against free radicals that cause aging.


Mangoes are extremely good for your skin. They, along with other orange fruits, contain beta-carotene, which the body uses to make Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential to keeping your skin looking healthy and clear. Dermatologists often recommend eating mango to patients suffering from severe acne. Mangoes can provide you with 80% of the daily required dose of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is said to even repair dying skin cells to give them a little more shelf-life.

Baked Potatoes

Just one baked potato will supply you with 75% of the copper you need to have in your daily diet. By working together with zinc and Vitamin C, copper builds elastin fibers. These fibers prevent your skin from sagging and keep it looking firm and strong.


Avocados are a great source of Vitamin E. Other foods that contain Vitamin E include peanut butter and sweet potatoes. Vitamin E helps your skin keep its moisture and prevents pale complexion and acne, and it also helps prevent premature wrinkles.

So there you have it. I'm going to take all those thigs into consideration as I begin my journey on figuring out what products work best for me both inside and out that will help keep my skin looking FABULOUS!

So did you take the morning challenge on figuring out your skin type? Let me know what you discovered ;p Or if you already discovered your skin type how did you find out?

Stay tuned as I try to figure out which is the best facial cleansing routine for me and what products should I be using.

Also, do you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment! I don't proclaim to be a pro but I would love to help out in any way that I can! I love to do research :)

Until then...


...And Counting...

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