Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's been so long....

I missed you guys!

It's been so long since I last updated but I have been super busy interviewing and applying for work. Some things look promising so crossing fingers at this point! The babe landed a new job opportunity - yesterday was his first day and it felt so weird not having him around :( but I am glad he had a great first day of work.

I, however have been thinking about some new things to bring to my blog on a weekly basis aside from the "A New Me" journey I am taking. I been jotting down some ideas that I think would be great n sharing. I will def let you guys in on what that is all about :)

I will be back soon...I PROMISE and I apologize on my HIATUS.

On another note, have you smelled this thing?????

And yes that is the lovely Miss Scarlet Johanson (might of misspelled her name) I need to have it like NOW! LOL I first found out about it from my Cosmopolitan mag (September issue) Fell in love the minute I took a whiff - this is sooooooo my new fall scent!!!!

Until then - stay beautiful!
Lady Breezy

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