Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a Plus Size World Afterall!!!

Ok so I have to get one of these!!!

So I found these Plus Size Denim Leggings online and I said to myself...I GOT to have it. Many are saying that these will be in HARD for fall/winter 2009. I was so happy to find the plus size version! I would so rock it the way its in the pic. The shirt works well fro plus sizers becuz its flowy and takes away from the tummy area (which I normally try to conceal) I love those sandals too. I mean you can easily rock this outfit during the day time and throw on a cardigan and some ankle booties or gladiator heels for the night, so versatile. You get these onlione at forever21 ubder the plus size line FAith21 for $15.80.
I stood up so late last night and performed a research on clothes for plus size girls. Let me tell ya, I had given up on tryna look trendy due to my size but after searching I was in awe. There were so many stores like Forever21 and Wetseal to name a few that had an exlusive Plus Size line! Wetseals Plus size line is only avialable online (which sucks because I think us volump ladies should be trying on stuff at stores versus juss ordering them online (atleast untill you find the perfect size then after its a breeze) I also checked some forum reviews from Forever21's plus line called Faith21 and there seems to be more negative reviews than positive. Something about they only go up to a size 2X and that the sizing is all wrong. However, some mentioned they loved what they purchased! I am glad theres one in the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA which is not too far from where I am in Northeast Philly. So I want to check it out anyway. The worst thing that can happen is the jeans may not fit me right but the shirts, dresses and accessories will! lol
So yeah, I saved the links to all the plus size websites I found that had trendy stuff! I am so excited because I was offered a position so that means Breezy will be working and able to buy some stuff! Anywho - I am going to post the websites I found along with some pics (maybe on the on some stuff I liked and may purchase later on tonight or tommorrow.
Any plus size gals or any gals for that matter know of any other plus size stores I can look up?



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