Sunday, September 20, 2009

Give it up two times for Skin Care!! ;p

If your anything like me you used to wear makeup when you were between the ages of 14-19 which most likely consisted of foundation, neutral eyeshadow, lip gloss and that's it. Also, you might of applied eyeshadow with your fingers as well as the lip gloss etc. Then at some point after 19 you went to college and well you lived off your college hooded sweater, pajama pants, addidas sandals with funky socks and your hair was always in a ponytail or bun and you had no makeup You only went all out when you went clubbing (which primarily happened during your freshman year due to the instant freedom you received from the parental units) and as time went by you became used to no makeup with the occasional lip balm! lol

I have to laugh when I look back because WOW that was sooooo ME. At some point, I lost touch with makeup and all things that made me feel...well, FABULOUS! And now I look back and see that even when I was doing some type of makeup I was doing it wrong too! lol

So now I have been on this new journey. A "New Me" journey. I have to thank all the lovely people who have inspired and helped me along the way on Blogger and Youtube. This has been and continues to be a fun and great learning experience.

I have decided to share with you my journey of learning this all over again the right way! lol And not just makeup but fashion, hair, beauty care, fitness and health and nails too! I sort of started all over the place but now that I have done the research and continue to do so, I want to share the basics and continue to do so as I get better and better. I hope to reach out to people that have been in my same position and want to do things for themselves again - whether your a recent mommy, college student, in high school, or your a person that has let yourself go it is never too late to get back into things that make you feel BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY!


So from what I have gathered, the single most important thing to do before even getting into makeup is getting to know your skin. Your skin has its own characteristics and react to things differently as other skin types. You must first determine what type of skin you have:

"Is my skin Oily"?
"Is my skin Dry"?
"Is my skin Normal"?
"Is my skin a combo of those"?

Here's a lady from Expert Village on youtube on determining your skin type due to your skins characteristics:

I thought this to be a great video on how to determine your skin type. Since I was younger, I always thought my skin was oily and it just might be but then again I never tested my face in the morning. Ijust assumed it to be oily but then again that was years ago when I had "Acne proned" skin. I will be testing my skin tomorrow to figure out my skin type. This will make it easier for me when it's time to determine the type of products I will need to care for my face. After all, skin is the single most important factor here. Your makeup can be flawless but it will still look shitty if you don't takegood care of your skin.

Are you going to put yourself to the test? Let me know what you figure out and if you want to take this journey with me come right along! Also, if you have done this before and know of any other ways to determine your skin type, please share your thoughts I would love to hear form ya!

Until next time!


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tiff said...

I never stopped wearing makeup when I started college, but I can't say that it looked any good :P.

I haven't done that skin type test yet; I've always assumed I just have normal skin though.

My shoes are from Forever 21 =).

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