Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Back!!! And I brought the BEST DRESSED with me...(not my personal list)

Hey Blogger World!I have not been on this for a minute now and I apologize! Things been hectic for me (Ugh) don't even wanna talk about that crap but anywho - have you seen who made the Best Dressed list?

Kate Winslet made best RED CARPET dressed

Lady Obama made best Accessible Glamour

Nicole Ritchie best Maternity style

Reese Witherspoon best Short Dress

Cameron Diaz best Jeans

Kim Kardashian best Bikini

Taylor Swift Best Sparkle (I'm still SMDH at what Kanye did to her during the VMA's)

Beyonce Carter (lol) best Street Chic

Frieda Pinto with best use of colors

Vanessa HUdgens with best BOHO style

Honestly; I don't agree with all who made "The People's" list but I ain't the Editor Where the hell was Rihanna in all this??? Her style always sick...


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Katrina said...

Great list! I love all of these ladies and their style! Beautiful!

Thanks for commenting on my blog hun! I appreciate it so much!

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