Friday, September 4, 2009

My First Online Makeup Look - Kim Kardashian

Sooooo - I was inspired by this look by Kim Kardashian. I LOVE all her makeup looks because she always look so effin flawless! I have a LONG way to go to master a look like this (even close to it lol) But Tiffany heard my request on a Kim K. tutorial video and I want to thank her for it! CLICK HERE to check out her video tutorial! I used her video and the pic of Miss Kardash to do my look.

Also - I know I don't look like Kim K. or have big lashes and archy eyebrows and her cheekbones but dammit a girl likes her effin makeup so I'ma try my best to pull it off and continue to practice until I get betta at it. This was fun and what girl does not like to play with makeup??? lol

Here is the look I came up with inspired by Kim Kardashian Brown and Silver look hmmm bad lighting or do I juss need more practice??? lol or both? lol

All the products I used :)

My 78 Coastal Scents Palette!

So here is the back of my Coastal Scents Palette - I was inspired by Dulcecandy87 to deck out my palette one day when I was bored and I LOVE IT :)

So I washed my face and applied my moisturizer. Mine is the Target brand of Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer, same shit but cheaper - lol

This is the Maybelline concealer I use which I depoted (it came in a lipstick casing). I concealed my undereyes using my ring finger because the fingers activate the concealer because it's warm and I also used the concealer as a primer on my eyelids (until I invest in something like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Hard Candy Primer Potion, etc.)

I like this for the Summer is great versus a liquid foundation that can be heavy in the summer. This is the tinted moisturizer by Cover Girl (Aqua CG Smoothers) #815 for Medium to Dark tones

My very FIRST MAC product that I bought - My MAC 190 all over foundation brush which I used to apply my foundation (or tinted moisturizer in this case) I want to try other foundation brushes as this is my first one and only one until I find the one that works best for me! Sorry the brush is icky - I just finished using it!

All over face powder to set foundation (Milani Pressed Powder in Beige)

My lovely Ecotools powder brush in which I applied the Milani powder with - I just LOVE how the bristles feel - I sometime find myself chilling infront of my computer and just picking this brush up and runing it through my face while I watch youtubers. My man be looking at me like "Are you ok?" LMAO

I used this blush for contouring (or tried to lol) in my 78 Coastal Scents Palette

My angled brush from Coastal Scents italian badger set - used to contour my cheeks

Tru Cheeks by Cover Girl #2 - I mixed these colors as well on my cheekbones. I don't use that brush to apply brush so the plastic is still on it - lol

Looks like the all over powder brush but its actually smaller - this is what I used to apply blush

Used this silver as the all over lid color from my 78 Coastal Scents palette - I LOVED how this went on!!!

Applied this nice natural brown in my crease area blending it with the silver

Then I used a darker soft chocolatey brown in the crease and outer corners of my eye lid

This brush is AH-MAY-ZIIIIIING!!! LOL I love how it picks up and packs color - got it from Coastal Scents for a dollar something (I forget) but I used it to apply my silver color all over the eye lid and flipped it on the other side and also used it to apply the light natural brown color on top of the silver

My Ecotools brush - used to apply the darker brown color in my crease and outer corners of my lids

Brush from Coastal Scents - I used for blending - I need a 224 ASAP! LOL Can't wait to order my Sigma brushes!

Highlight time! lol applied this color from my sunbaked neutrals palette as a highlight under my brow bones (this palette did not come with individual names for each color)

This big fluffy guy I use as my highlighting brush - you guessed it - also from CS

Applied creme blackliner to top of lids - This is by Wet & Wild in Black

I used this angled brush to line my upper and lower lids - brush by Ecotools

Applied this color from my sunbaked neutrals palette to soften up the black liner on the bottom lids

My Loew Cornell 757 Flat Stain brush - I used this to line my lower lids to soften the black liner

Maybelline Great Lash mascara in brownish black - Applied two coats on both eyelashes

I then curled my lashes with this baby right here - got it at Target

Fan brush - italian badger set rom CS - used to pick up any fall outs while I was applying eye shadow

Lined my lips with Jordana lipliner in Iced Pink (These are $.99 in Walgreens!)

I then applied Rimmel London's Airy Fairy lipstick - this stuff smells soooo effin GOOD! like CANDY - sometimes I feel like licking it but I can't cuz well... its makeup lol

Applied Flirt! Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss on top of Airy Fairy lipstick - GOOD STUFF! I bought it at Khols

My MAC 316SE lip brush - used this to apply my lip gloss


Here is a closeup of one eye - I need a better cam! And I need to do my eyebrows! lol

Close up of both eyes - what do you think? For a first timer? I need to get better at blending and and applying creme eyeliner. I have tried liquid liner and creme seems to work betta for me, I want to try others tho until I find the best one for me!

I had to do it! I am sooooo effin cool....LMAO

I like my tear ducts how I did them - lol no really I do!

I have such small eye space - I need to perfect how to apply eyeshadow for small eye spaces! Any tricks or tut vids that are good let me know!

LOL My face looks funny here but here is the Kim Kardashian inspired look

Me when I put my hair up after taking pics of the look I did. I have a BIG face - lol Is this lighting good? I feel like I need better lighting!!!

Or is this one? I feel like this lighting angle adds color to me (unnatural lighting? I dunno)

My brother bought me a blow pop from the corner store - he said I needed a "sweet"




Aquaheart said...

WOW! Came out really good! :D

and im really curious what color you have on your nails too.. I love that purple! haha :p

LadyBreezy said...

Thanks :) And thanks to you on that ZOYA post you did I was able to get that nailpolish - the color is called Malia :)

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