Sunday, August 23, 2009


Been away for a bit focusing on some other things. Just caught up on reading and commenting some of my fave blogs. I been kinda BLAH lately. Waiting for something to happen really soon. I know it's just around the corner but anxious for it to begin already!'s my JOB! LOL

I recently received clearances to begin work. Now all I need to do is wait for boss lady to call so we can discuss details like start date etc. I am so excited because this is going to be different for me. Many of you know that I have went to school to study Paralegal (which I still plan to finish because I got about 6 classes left and Bre starts what she finishes no matter how late it so yeah, I will be working at a private christian school for now servicing K-5 kids. Now I have had my fair share of working with kids when I was younger (which was always so fun for me) but this time I will be working in the office as an Executive Assistant to the Principal who by the way seems VERY nice. I am so excited to just start!!! lol

Me and the babes have been apartment/houses hunting. Living in my moms house has been quite crowded so we are very anxious about this too. It was sweet of her to open her doors to us when we moved back here to Philly from Massachusetts but it's about that time to get our own place. I want a house but a house for rent for right now. I know this is a GREAT buyers market right now but I need to make sure I am ready for all that and more that comes with home ownership. So far I found a 3 bedroom house with a finished basement and HUGE backyard for $800 a month and I love how its one block over from my moms house and if I move in; my next door neighbors are my aunt and uncle who we like chill with practically every day! lol I am still looking tho because there was a few things I did not like about it...I mean nothing major but just want to have some options when making a decision.

On another note...FALL FASHION 2009! I am loving ALL of the new trends although I know I won't be rocking them all because lets face it...if its trend it don't mean it suits But hey I ain't cramping no ones style so if you open to it do you! Anyways, I began to create my wish list already...can't wait to go SHOPPING! lol Some of my top must haves are pictured below but this isn't even these are just my key items for fall:

Pictured above - Tan Bomber Jacket, Fall Aviator Shades, Layered Cardigan, Destroyed Jeans, Peplum Style Tweed Dress, Purple Beret Hat (I want ALL colors) Military Button Styled Jacket, Grey Knee High Boots, Black Cowgirl Slouched Boots, Snakeskin or Leopard Print Shoes, Peep Toe Booties, Houndstooth Print Scarves.

If you guys have any fall fashion must haves let me know! I would love to see what you might be getting into this fall in Fashion.



tiff said...

I love that white jacket and the houndstooth scarf. I have no idea what I want for fall yet, but I always look forward to shopping for cold weather stuff :).

Elise said...

Hi, just wanted to leave you a comment to say how totally cool your blog is ! Great posts and you have interesting pictures too. Thanks so much for sharing them - have a great week !

LadyBreezy said...

@ Tiff - I know that white jacket is my fave piece too! The houndstooth scarf goes well wit it too ;)

@ Elise - Thanks for the comment hun that is very sweet of you and it means a lot to me as a new blogger! Have a great week as well :)

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